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3D Masters is a special archery event and challenge established first time in March 2009 in Northern Germany. The leading idea is to define a new kind of 3D shooting competition. The defining guide lines are:

  • 3D archery challenge only for high-tech bows and equipments
  • Small amount of styles
  • Tournament rules are most common with the DFBV and IFAA rules for 3D tournaments

The 3D Masters is a competition for really high scoring and ambitioned archers. More than 40% of the starters are invited top scorer from different archery leagues. The 3D course is build by a small team for high level shooting situations and same level of difficulties.
Surrounded by a dinner event for small talk and exhibition of archery equipment the 3D Masters is a very unique and new archery event for ambitioned and high scoring 3D archers with high tech equipment.

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