All information to our tournament rules and the bow styles.

We do NOT adhere to the distances given by the associations. We offer you a contest that rewards good distance judging as well as good shooting.

The maximum distance will not exceed 65m.

The 3D-Masters Team makes photos and videos during the tournament wich will be used for the event advertising and reporting in internet an print media.

The ELEVEN-3D Master is an high tech tournament. That means only compound- and recurve-bows  are allowed.You can register in the following bowstyles:

compound unlimited / bowhunter unlimited /compound blank / recurve unlimited / recurve blank. The classes are adult woman and adult men. Competitioners should be at minimum 18 years old. Beyound 5 archers per style competitioner will be counted in the next higher class/style.

Double hunter with the rules of IFAA (DFBV) with some modifications.

Hunter round with the rules of IFAA (DFBV)  and WA-based  precision scoring and some modifications.

Please cover your sight tapes. Other archers should judge the distances on their own.

Something important for orderly running:

The groups will be build by the 3D MASTERS TEAM. We don't accept wishes! 

We try to comply with the following criteria:

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